2017, TU Delft Master II
Studio . Complex Projects InCities_InChicago
Tutor . Roland Reemaa
In collaboration with Archeworks

The project was developed during a two months stay in Chicago (IL), with the aim of conducting a research on field focused on unfolding past and future transformations of the American city.

The starting point of the research was the Company Town of Pullman, built in 1880 by the car magnate George M. Pullman. The intention of the town was to end suburban slums and offer workers better life standards as a mean to increase the production profit. While belonging to the past, Company Towns are far from being forgotten, and many references can be drawn with the current development of Corporate Campuses. The Campus configuration is in fact based on the same principles of the Company Towns, aiming to offer better facilities that lead workers to the abstraction from the reality of the city. 
The project pushes forward the driving concepts of the Campus and imagines the future American city as ruled by Corporations. In this scenario, the city is reduced to an endless sequence of interiors, capable to replace the variety of the modern living environment. The worker is finally alienated from the surrounding, controlled 24/7 by an intangible machine able to influence his decisions through the architectural configuration.

Juxtaposed to this are the remains of the American society, where good and bad coexist as an ensemble, fluctuating on a grid symbol of the non-hierarchic development. Classic references and images of Afro-Americans protesters showcase the presence of a political machine in which people can still participate in the government of the city.

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