Venice Architecture biennale 2018
Rietveld Pavilion
A project by Northscapes Collective

In collaboration with
Miles Gertler
Baktash Sarang Javanbakht

Modeling and design assistant
Mariapaola Michelotto

The Port and the Fall of Icarus exhibits part of the project in the #Locker Room of the Dutch Pavilion (Rietveld Pavilion). Along with the works of other contributors, the installation occupies seven lockers, each of which holds an Act of the Manuscript, recostructed through two drawings and a model.
The Acts of the found Manuscript have been translated into series of illustrations portraying the paranoia of the logistics.  Two sets of seven posters have been placed in the locker together with a cubic model (20x20x20 cm.) as  reconstruction of the acts.

In the dynamic world of logistics and industry, stagnation leads to decline. The port of the future is continuously looking for ways to do things better: more intelligently, more efficiently, and more sustainably. The smart and now automated logistical infrastructure of the harbor is placed in relation to the city and its inhabitants, reflecting on the effects of emerging technologies on society and the built environment.

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